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Toledo, Ohio Tree Trimming Services

Overgrown tree branches can make your yard look unsightly while preventing proper airflow. In some cases, trees with broken branches can pose a danger to your family as they can fall at any moment. Professional tree trimming services can help you protect your property while maintaining a pleasing outdoor aesthetic.

Extreme Tree Services provides expert tree trimming for various types of yards and trees. Our tree experts are passionate about helping fellow Toledo residents achieve beautiful yards with exceptional tools and knowledgeable expertise.

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Types of Tree Trimming Services

Extreme Tree Services uses different pruning techniques to promote healthy trees and a beautiful yard:

Corrective pruning

ensures proper branch growth by removing dead or broken limbs.

Crown reduction

is sometimes a harmful process for trees. Our tree experts will determine whether or not crown reduction is necessary for tree health.

Dead wooding

is the professional removal of dead limbs from a tree structure.

Clearance pruning

ensures that there’s at least ten feet between your tree branches and home.


Questions We Get About Tree Trimming

What are the benefits of tree trimming?

Professional Toledo, Ohio tree trimming services can improve the health of your trees and the look of your yard. Hiring a professional arborist is highly beneficial for your property for several reasons:

  •     Increased sunlight exposure 
  •     Reduced tree diseases and damage
  •     Healthier tree roots
What's the Tree Trimming Process?

Our tree trimming services begin with an initial consultation where we will learn about your property needs. After inspecting your trees, we will provide an upfront cost estimate and a detailed plan for your approval. Then, we use the latest tree trimming tools to provide professional services that produce exceptional results.

Will my grass be damaged?

There is always a possibility of lawn, yard, or grass damage when there are trees to be trimmed. We use specialized equipment and trucks to safely assist in tree trimming, which are quite heavy and can leave ruts. We are able to mitigate yard damage when trimming trees by laying down plywood boards.

Whether you have a few dead branches or need to improve clearance, our tree trimming services can help improve the look and safety of your yard. Get a free estimate by calling Extreme Tree Services at (419) 466-1551


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